Sunday, 8 May 2016

New Look 6180 Dress

With a new found love for shirt dresses I was excited to find a New Look pattern with a collar and nice flouncy skirt. I had some shirt fabric knocking around from a project that never happened and decided to set to and put it to good use.

The pattern is great and fits really well. I'm especially keen on the shoulder yoke seams that lend themselves to getting beautifully customised (tassels anyone?). The only alteration to the pattern I made was slightly changing the angle of the collar tips, as I ordered some metal collar tips from Amazon that I thought would really jazz up the plain fabric. In hindsight I should have lengthened the bodice by a couple of centimeters, as the elastic waistband isn't quite in line with my waist. It sits quite uncomfortably just above. This could perhaps be made slightly better by using a longer length of elastic?

So my main gripe with this dress is my choice in fabric. It's my own fault really for just grabbing what was to hand, but it turned out to be really really starchy feeling and definitely didn't drape in the skirt the way I dreamt of it doing! The stiffness of the fabric again makes for quite an uncomfortable wearing experience! On the plus side though, I'm really happy with the construction of the dress- the armhole binding is spot on, and collar construction is also pretty good to say I had to stitch in the ditch on the collar band which I hate!

I've already picked out some fabric for number 2 which I'll hopefully be getting for my birthday! It's much more drapey and much more exciting... So eyes peeled! I've been getting envious of some lovely versions I've seen online and can't wait to make mine again.


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