Monday, 27 October 2014

Panel Pants

After falling in love with So Zo's Pants pattern I made another pair of lacy knickers!
This time I slightly altered the pattern so that the front panel used a different fabric. I added an extra cm to the fabric at this join for seam allowance.

I used a velvety fabric with a smooth back (I'm sure it has a proper name?) That was £3.99 p/m from the fabric shop in Hillsborough (blimey it was busy in there today!) along with the same stretchy tshirt fabric and stretchy lace I used for my last pair. While I was there I also picked up some slightly more dainty elastic and some more lace for trimmings.

Next I want to have a shot at making a high-waisted pair, again with a panel. I am uncertain though as to whether I would need to taper the panel for shaping? Might ask my tutor next time I'm at college.


So Zo's free Knicker pattern

The amazing Zoe Edwards has uploaded a fab free pants pattern to her blog for anyone wanting to have a go at making their own knickers!
This is the first pattern I have printed off from the computer, but it was very simple to stick the sheets together! I was a bit nervous about using stretch fabric as I've had a bit of bad luck with it in the past! I invested in some ball-point needles and also some stretch needles (not really knowing the difference!?) and didn't seem to have a problem this time!

The pattern is made up of three pieces, front, back and gusset. I also used some lace that I found on the market for going round the the leg holes instead of using elastic. The elastic I used on the waist was a little too bulky, but it worked fine once I had got the hand of sewing it on (I made a test pair first!).

I used flat elastic instead of Fold over elastic as I couldn't find such a thing here in Sheffield! I was looking for lingerie elastic with little bobbles on but that seemed difficult to source on my trip out. I sewed it to the front of the pants then folded it over to the back, sticking again with a wide zig-zag stitch.

I chose stretchy lace fabric for the back for some sexiness!

The pattern was really fun to follow, and Zoe's instructions are beautifully written and photographed! Can't go wrong!


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Love Sewing Magazine Kimono

Issue 5 of Love Sewing Magazine features this lovely easy sew kimono pattern that I decided to have a go at at home while we are still messing about threading up the machines in class.

I found this viscose fabric at the Direct Fabric Warehouse again in Sheffield. There were a couple that caught my eye but I was particularly keen on the large print of this one.

The instructions in the magazine were really easy to follow, from layout and cutting to assembling the garment. It wasn't until I reached the stage of sewing the side seams that I realised the pattern involved using french seams. This was my first attempt at sewing french seams and it seemed to go pretty well.

The only problem I really faced in making the kimono was when adding on the band that goes around the front and neck of the garment. The instructions say to attach the ends at the left and right side first then fold over and sew the folded band to the inside of the kimono. I found that I hadn't cut the band accurately enough, so the band didn't quite match up on the inside. I undid one of the ends I had previously sewn and trimmed a little at an angle so it would fit. Sewing the inside of the band to the inside of the kimono required hand sewing so the invisible catch-stitches could hold it into place.

I love the pattern because it can be worn tied up or let down. The fabric does tend to crease quite easily though! I am very tempted to make a longer version to wear as a dressing gown :)


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