Sunday, 8 May 2016

Love Sewing Magazine/Simple Sew, Sleeveless Skater Dress

Yup, it's that pattern again! This time I wanted to make a version without sleeves. I'm still in love with my velvet version, but absolutely cursing myself everytime I wear it for not lengthening the bodice enough! I wanted another gothy looking fabric and thought this black jersey with white crosses might look pretty cool.

I made sure to add a couple of inches to the bodice this time... Though after I'd sewn in the skirt I found it sat a little too low from my waist and ended up taking off the skirt and cutting about a cm off the bodice.

I made the skirt again in 4 panels. I would have liked to have pattern matched a little better, but due to amount of fabric I had it was tricky. Still, there is an element of symmetry if you're looking that closely and I'm happy with the way the panel seams match with the darts on the bodice- these panels still not being something I have committed to paper pattern!

What I hate most about this pattern is the facing. I absolutely hate facings. Despite some beautiful understitching around the neckline, the facing was still flapping out at any given moment and would not sit comfortably at my collar bone. I ended up topstitching the neck. This was against my will but seemed like the only option to get that facing to stay put.

As with the last skater dress I omitted the zip (LAZY), as I can stretch this over my head with no problem! The bodice is lovely and symmetrical which I can't wait to point out to everyone I encounter when I wear it out, but I've got to admit... The dress doesn't excite me! I am BORED and need a new challenge! Tonight I compiled a little list of things I want to make, including trousers (NOT pyjama bottoms), a jacket and a few new dress patterns. At the end of the month fellow bloggers Aimee at Wrong Doll, Shauni at Magnificent Thread and I will be hitting Aberkhan Manchester and the Simplicity Bloggers meet up so fingers crossed it will be just what I need to get inspired to hit some new highs!


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