:Who Am I?:

It’s completely up to you if you want to call me Angela or Twinkle. All you need to know is I started sewing in summer 2014 and I never wanted to stop.

I set off to college after leaving school with it in mind I would study fashion and learn how to sew. Things went a bit off track when I went on to study Fine Art and my fabric dreams were left by the wayside. The abandonment of where my heart really belonged played on my mind for a long time, to the point I couldn’t walk into a haberdashery without tears in my eyes as I thought about everything I’d missed out on.
I took action and signed up for a class at night college so I could start at the very start and learn how to sew. Turns out I’d waited long enough and seized the chance to get started ahead of term when I got hold of Rosie Martin’s book DIY Couture and taught myself the basics. I was a few projects ahead when class finally got going and was feeling pretty confident.

Since then I've set myself a never ending list of goals each day as I continue my stitching journey. Current projects include blogging as part of the Simple Sew Patterns blog team and a pattern making course here in Sheffield every Wednesday night.

All blog pics unless otherwise stated are by my big brother, who is still wonderfully patient with his diva little sister when she is throwing a strop because the wind is blowing her hair around and her skirt has got tucked between her legs and looks like shorts in one shot (nothing worse though). Big thanks to ma who will come fabric shopping with me, and pa who has made me a ton of accessories and handy sewing tools, to both of them for giving me sewing space and for also being patient when I am throwing more sewing-related stops. Thanks to John for buying me that first sewing book (we got something right, eh?!) and to all my friends and blog visitors for all the constant support. It means a lot.

Looks like I made it guys.


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