Sunday, 4 February 2018

Velvet Self-Drafted Gemma Skirt

Next from my Abakhan haul is this velvet version of my Gemma Skirt .

I was drawn to the sparkly box in Abakhan full of left-over festive bits. I dug out a few bits I had no idea what I was going to do with, but also this plain black velvet that I knew would make a sweet circle skirt without too much effort.

I made the skirt in a few hours. The four panels are all equal, and the waistband is one piece folded over some elastic of the same length.

This was my first project I'd used a walking foot on... Wow! I've been making life difficult for myself without one! No fabric stretching or anything. Love it.

Mmmm! Lovely velvet!

Knowing this skirt would be a quick make, I think I was guilty of rushing it a little. I initially cut the elastic a smidge too short and it just felt a little too tight around me. I made a little makeshift elastic panel to make it a tiny bit longer. It worked but could have done without the faff. If anything it could be a tiny bit too long now, though that's just preference, I don't think anyone would notice. I also couldn't remember if last time my elastic was exactly the same length as the waistband material. Turns out yes, it should be!! My elastic was a little shorter this time, which doesn't make a difference to fit or anything really as both are stretchy, but does leave a bit too much room for the elastic to do what it wants. When pulling the skirt on it does have a tendency to flip round inside the velvet. I think this is partly because the back of the velvet is so slippy and also my overlocking of band to skirt could have been a little closer to the elastic.

I cut about an inch off the bottom compared to my Autumn version... Spring will be on the way soon.


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