Monday, 23 January 2017

Self-Drafted Knickers

I've got a favourite shape for knickers and by now you all know about it.

For all my previous pants projects I've utilised So Zo's FREE knicker pattern which is awesome. While going through my knicker draw the other day though, I felt inspired to draft my own from a cute little Primark pair I've been saving for occasions(!!).

The result turned out to be pretty similar, just a little more petite. My So Zo knickers have been quite highwaisted so far, and these turned out much more hipster. I opted for my usual front and side panels as I love the opportunity it provides for using different fabrics... And for using yet MORE lace.

I utilised some waist elastic from an old pair I was binning, which worked so much better than any elastic I've found in the shops so far. My centre panel was a scrap of velvet left over from my recent skirt and the little gem was part of an earring that I'd used to make something else. I used a very narrow zigzag stitch to attach the lace to the leg holes, and a slightly longer one to attach the waistband and waist lace. I think this ticks off the 'something sexy' and maybe even the 'something spooky' on my 2017 sewing list... And it's only the 1st of January!!

If I'm gonna make them again, I'm adding maybe a centimeter to each side seam, just to save stretching them out to the max to get over my ass. Also, I think a centimeter or two to the height, just because I think that creates a more flattering shape.
Not bad for my first pair of self-drafted though! There's all kinds of things to play with like leg rise and different panels and fabrics and embellishments. Oh and lace, loads of lace.

The top is just something I grabbed from H&M when I was in need of new gig wear and had no time for serious stitching. Disappointed with the fit though, I added some bust darts to cut out the gaping arm holes! Wish I'd taken a before and after for you, doh!
It was a bit guess work really- I found my bust point by putting the top on pinning where my nipples were, then pinched out the excess fabric towards this point and pinned. On taking the top off, I measured with my tape measure to check both sides were even then stitched. After checking fit, I cut away the dart fabric and top-stitched. Very pleased!



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  1. Awesome undies, I've been thinking of doing a similar thing as my favourite pair are getting a tired.