Sunday, 7 February 2016

New Look K6230, Raglan Sleeved Jumper

With the skills I'd learnt on Day 1 of my sewing holiday, Day 2 was a breeze!

Every time I'm out shopping I seem to pick up either a mustard yellow or an autumnal orange jumper, then put it back on the rack wondering if I'll ever actually wear something not black. This jersey fabric in Abakhan's jumped out as the perfect autumnal orange. I was immediately drawn to it's fluffy texture, knowing it could be just what I needed to keep my pesky chilblains at bay.

As luck would have it, the pattern in the current issue of Sew magazine was a long raglan-sleeved top which I knew teamed with my autumnal orange, could make a super cosy jumper.

I made a couple of alterations to the pattern. The first was to omit the centre back seam. I have no idea why it was there!?? Then I added a little to the seam allowances at the waist to add a bit of slouch-factor.
Inspired by my last make, I decided to draft a waistband and cuffs. I made sure the length of these were slightly shorter than the opening on the jumper, then matched up the midpoints as I overlocked band to garment.

The neckband situation was less stressful, perhaps as the band was thinner and the neckline was less baggy than that of the jersey top. Then my jumper was finished! It took about a day including tracing the pattern and cutting out. Using the overlocker to do all seams made for a very speedy process.

I quite fancy making a cropped version (Maybe adding the waistband on and not altering the length made this one a little too long?). Perhaps if I find some mustard yellow fluffy jersey I can get started on jumper number 2!


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