Sunday, 7 February 2016

New Look K6035, Vest top

Day 3! This was a prime example of spotting gorgeous fabric and buying it before having any idea what to make from it. My options were narrowed down by the fact this offcut from Abakhan's was only about a meter in length. Searching through my patterns I found a pretty vest top with central gathers that I could just about squeeze out of my fabric.

I was worried the gathers in the centre might sit a bit funny, so I faffed about with them for aaages before tacking them good and proper into place... I only found out after (when I actually read the instructions...) that I was meant to pull the gathering stitches to fit the length of the bias band round the neck and not just make a band to fit. Thankfully though, the amount of faffing paid off, and I'm really happy with the neckline.

Due to having minimal amount of fabric to play with, the bias band I made was out of two lengths and the shoulder seams of the vest top wouldn't line up with the joins in the binding. I don't think it notices when it's on though! I made sure the joins in the bias binding were symmetrical to each other. I'm quite proud of how neat it looks despite this.

I used french seams on shoulders and sides as the fabric is quite thin, and I turned the hem up twice, keeping it narrow. Another cute feature of this top is the little splits at the bottom of each side seam. Although not necessary for fitting purposes, they add another bit of interest to what was quite a simple pattern


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