Sunday, 26 April 2015

Love Sewing Magazine/Simple Sew, Wiggle Skirt II

This is my third skirt using the Lottie/Wiggle Skirt pattern from Love Sewing Magazine. The shape of the skirt is absolutely perfect for work. I wanted to make my third using some felty fabric, ideally I was looking for plain black, but this pinstripe fabric at £5.99 p/m was just the texture I was looking for. I had bought some cute little anchor buttons the week before with it in mind that I would sew them to the front of my next skirt alongside the front darts.

When cutting the pattern, I used my offcuts again from the first Lottie skirt to make sure the sizing was correct. I really need to commit this pattern to paper! I did however change the side seams a little this time, taking a little more in from the back towards the hemline to help accentuate my hips!

I finally plucked up the courage to use my twin-needle along the hemline. I've always been put off from using it as you have to do it from the top and can't always tell if you are catching the hem on the otherside. I was particularly proud of the finish though- something I will definitely be doing again!

I was much more precise when inserting my zip this time. I made sure the zip tag was right at the top of the waistband, which can be tricky when inserting before the whole skirt is assembled. Also had to focus on getting the pinstripes on my bum equidistant from the zip! Think I did okay...

Overall I think this is the best skirt I have made so far, simply due to the shaping and fit which I tweaked as I went along to make it more flattering. Next time I make a skirt I do fancy drafting my own as there seems to be quite a few tutorials online. Then hey, maybe when I've mastered that the next step will be lining the damn thing...


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  1. Gorgeous! I love the pin-stripe fabric, and the buttons. The stripe matching on the back and the zip are brilliant. You should definately give pattern drafting a go. It's not that hard, and as this skirt fits you so well, you could use it as a starting point. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Lynne! The pinstripe matching at the zip was a bit of a faff... But so worth it! Pattern drafting is definitely on my to do list- just need a few more hours in the day! xox