Sunday, 26 April 2015

Love Sewing Magazine Kimono II

My last two projects were made from quite heavy fabric- quite wintery really, so I fancied knocking up something quick and summery now the sun has finally decided to make an appearance.

The last kimono I made back in October was a medium, but it has always been a snudge too big, so I shrunk the pattern down to a small before cutting the fabric. The pattern instructions are quite straight forward, however after stitching up in french seams it became quite obvious that the fabric had a bit too much body to get away with it. The seams were quite bulky and really affected the way the fabric hung. I took out the side seams and just sewed them up with a straight forward seam. This is the second time I've been caught out by thinking french seams would be a good idea, so I'm really going to assess whatever fabric I buy in future to check the body vs drape factor. This fabric overall did have a bit too much body to hang quite the way I wanted it to, the result being quite a boxy shape that is maybe difficult to look flattering. So perhaps unconventionally I am more comfortable with it knotted at the front.

The neckband was sewn on by hand, which I am really getting the hang of now after having hand sewn the waistbands on my skirts and the neck ties on my Lottie blouses! It's still tedious but love being able to hide my stitches neatly.

I'm struggling slightly to figure out what to wear this with. It looks pretty good here with my post-break-up bod and not much underneath, but until the sun is absolutely blazing here in Sheffield I don't think the world needs to see my tum! I tried a black vest, but I think I need something with a bit more contrast to make the most of the sheer quality of the fabric.

I have my eye on some more fabric at Hillsborough Fine Fabrics that is much more drapey so keep your eyes peeled- that might be next weeks task...


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