Monday, 27 October 2014

Panel Pants

After falling in love with So Zo's Pants pattern I made another pair of lacy knickers!
This time I slightly altered the pattern so that the front panel used a different fabric. I added an extra cm to the fabric at this join for seam allowance.

I used a velvety fabric with a smooth back (I'm sure it has a proper name?) That was £3.99 p/m from the fabric shop in Hillsborough (blimey it was busy in there today!) along with the same stretchy tshirt fabric and stretchy lace I used for my last pair. While I was there I also picked up some slightly more dainty elastic and some more lace for trimmings.

Next I want to have a shot at making a high-waisted pair, again with a panel. I am uncertain though as to whether I would need to taper the panel for shaping? Might ask my tutor next time I'm at college.


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