Monday, 7 May 2018

Inserting Eyelets

There's no need to be scared of inserting eyelets. I was until I rocked up at my local fabric shop and asked if they had a tool I could put my eyelets in with. What I got instead was a full show and tell on how to insert them. The eyelets I had were Hemline 10.5mm. They didn't have an actual 10.5mm tool in the shop, so instead we tried an 11mm and it worked fine.
Here's how:

You will need-

Front Eyelet // Back Eyelet

Bottom Tool // Bopping Tool

1- Mark eyelet placement on fabric

2- Make a small hole by folding the fabric to a point and snipping

3- Place front eyelet into the hole, make sure the face of the fabric is face down

Back // Front

4- Slot front of front eyelet into bottom tool

5- Place back eyelet piece onto the back, ridge side facing the fabric

6- Place rounded end of the ‘bopping tool’ (!) onto the back of the eyelet

7- BOP! Use a hammer to hit the tool on top of a hard surface (I used an anvil)

8- Remove the tools… Mwah!


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