Sunday, 13 August 2017

Simply Sewing Magazine Mia Set, Flared Sleeve Blouse II

Lovely sleeves.

I have time for nothing but lovely sleeves this week. So I'm back with the Mia Set pattern from issue 32 of Simply Sewing magazine to create another blouse with luscious sleeves.

This time I'm using this crazy print fabric from Hillsborough Fine Fabrics. There's lots going on! Paisley and stars and swirls and flowers in pink and blue and yellow and cyan. This lovely 60s style geometric print was just the deal for another Mia blouse. Sew psychedelic.

The most time was spent cutting this bad boy out! I cut everything as a single layer as I wanted to make sure everything was perfectly symmetrical.
I paid a lot of attention to pattern placement as I did not want stars on my boobs! Cutting everything symmetrically made sewing up much easier. I have some beautifully matched seams on my sleeves that I am super proud of.

The open weave of my previous blouse allowed for quite a lot of stretch. This crepe though was much more rigid. This time I did have to incorporate the back slit opening so that I could get it over my big head. Instead of hook and eye I made a little thread eye and a hook I had kicking around. Thought I'd be fiddling about with this for ages but I was relieved it just seemed to fall into place.

Using solid fabric this time also meant that I incorporated the neck facing. I love the finish but I do not know anyone who actually likes a faced neckline!! Forever worried about it flipping up. It also makes for quite a rigid neck. don't tell anyone but the blouse came out a little tight across the chest so the rigid neckline doesn't help add any comfort. The chest fit is easily fixed by wearing a bra that's not padded (yes I have a few thanks!). In fact, its been nice to get some wear out of my homemade leopard bra.

My least fave part of my blouse is my sleeve hems, which sucks because it's all about the sleeves!! The double turned hem on such a curved edge really did my head in. It's not a neat job, so when I get a bit of time I'm going to unpick and neaten them up with overlocking and a single hem. Bit of a faff when there's so many sleeve hems though! Ha!

Scared off by my hemming disaster I did a single turn on the bottom and was much happier with it.


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    1. Thanks Eimear! Got some left over so another make on the way!! xox