Saturday, 30 July 2016

Pink and Black Lingerie

This week I’ve been looking back on the past year. Or more specifically- what was going off this time last year. I’d just told my ex he was full of bullshit, I’d got my boss sacked for sending pervy messages, won a monkey poster, been make of the week in Love Sewing mag, got 90/90 in my job interview and scored myself the permanent position, plus finally found out that medical photographer's name! It took some doing, but everything was coming up aces, and to celebrate Aimee and I took a trek out to Abakhan in search of fabrics.

It was that trip when I chucked in my basket some ‘quick-win’ mesh fabric with the intention of making myself something sexy. It’s only gone and taken me 52 weeks before I felt it was time to accomplish quick win!

I felt revved up after this years’ lingerie special on the Sewing Bee and kept thinking back to that black mesh that was a total steal from downstairs in Abakhan. I knew I’d accumulated a hefty stash of stretchy lace and at some point the stars would align and the two would come together to make something I felt really good in.

Plagued by bad dreams through the night and still trying to pretend I don’t have a broken heart, I woke up on 30/07/2016 and thought today is the day! Let's make something sexy.

I started on the bralet. Based on the Babycakes Bra from the awesome Secrets Of Sewing Lingerie book, instead of cutting two separate cups I joined them and shaped a kind of V-neck. I stitched the darts in (always amazes me how bra-y it suddenly becomes!), then top-stitched in PINK to match some stretchy lace I had in my stash.

Next up I attached a thinner black stretch lace around the top of the cups/wings/back. Elastic on the inside bottom, pink lace on the outside bottom- all sewn with a zigzag stitch.

The back has no fastening as it’s so stretchy, I just stitched up the centre back after trying on and getting the right size. Straps- maybe I cheated a bit, but I attached some from an old bra with some little elastic loops. I hand stitched with was a bugger as I my hand sewing is poor.

Knickers were going to follow the same fabric theme- the only additional fabric being plain black t-shirt jersey for the front panel and gusset. The pattern I used is the free knickers pattern from So Zo… which I’ve used on the blog previously. Stupidly- as so much time had passed since my last pair I forgot to add seam allowance on to the panel pieces I’d made so errrr, what we’ve got is what I think is quite an attractive design feature- a nice little extra panel on the side seams!
Honestly, I don’t think you’d have known if I hadn’t said would you?!
That being the only blip- these pants were near on perfect. I am particularly fond of the pink top stitching on the front panel to match that on the bra.



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