Sunday, 8 March 2015

Love Sewing Magazine/Simple Sew, Lottie Skirt and Modified Blouse

It's no secret that I've been obsessed with Love Sewing Magazine's free Lottie blouse pattern, but a couple of weeks back I decided to complete the look by having a go at the Lottie Skirt.

The fabric I chose was the last little bit on the bolt in the shop, so knew I couldn't cock it up. It is quite thin, so perhaps the skirt could have done with a lining, but I always hate linings on shop bought garments and have been known to take them out, so thought that I wouldn't ruin what could be a potentially good skirt by throwing one in. Poor excuse I know.

So the first problem I had was the size ten I cut being too big. I foolishly rushed into thinking I knew what I was doing and cut some bits off, which worked great for the front, but left the back without room for my bum! Definitely no sitting down for me. Luckily, as I didn't want the skirt to be the same length as the pattern, I had just enough fabric to cut a second back, which I actually didn't cut smaller at all. Instead I took quite a bit more in in the darts than the pattern suggested and this seemed to do the trick.

I was happy to find that the waistband was just a straight piece folded over, so didn't have to faff around finding the middle and matching curves up etc. I have read on a few different reviews that the sizes on the pattern for the waistband are actually too short, so anyone having a go I would suggest cutting it extra long as I did, and fitting it to suit the skirt when necessary. Stupidly, I thought as the pattern didn't say anything about using interfacing I would be able to get away without interfacing the waistband. That is really the only thing I regret! It folds over a little if I sit down but could be much worse.
I'm pretty happy with the length and the split up the back is rather neat... Even if I have split the stitching since stepping over my dog. Ooops! Easily solved though.

So once the skirt was finished, I realised I would need a black blouse to go with it. I bought some fabric and knocked one up pretty quickly, but soon discovered that the fabric was much too thick and had too much body to make an effective blouse. You live and learn.
So the next weekend I picked up some more blouse-suited black fabric with better drape, which looks pretty officey. The basic shape was easy as it seems to be drilled in my brain now, but I decided I wanted to try something a bit different and add a collar to this one. I was eager to make the collar from the same fabric as my skirt so I could be the coolest girl at work.

Bearing in mind I have never done a collar or really looked at any instructions on how to besides receiving a few words of advice from Shauni at Magnificent Thread, it came out okay.
I did the collar in two pieces instead of one, thinking this would probably be a bit more forgiving if the shape wasn't quite right. Turns out it meant one side was going to lie flat at the back and the other would poke up a bit. I put in a couple of stitches though and it seems to be ok now. The inside of the blouse will clearly show anyone who looks how not to attach a collar, but for as long as I have it on, that can be a secret between you and me. Next time I will actually follow a pattern and do it properly.

I fastened up the keyhole at the neck with a pretty button and loop.

Overall dead happy with the two garments, especially wearing them both together. I definitely want to practice collars so that I can just add them to everything!


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  1. Ooo, what a gorgeous outfit! I love the Peter Pan collar on your blouse. Have you ever underlined a skirt? It gives the body of a lining, but without all the shifting that linings can do.

  2. The blouse looks like it worked out really well! I love the collar - think I might have to make a collared Lottie of my own at some point :) x