Saturday, 30 May 2015

Matching Leopard Set

As discussed in my last post- I was eager to make a matching set of underwear, so instead of just using up odds and ends I took a quick trip to the fabric shop this morning and bought some stretchy lace bundles, some bra straps (because who has time to make their own, really?) and some leopard print velvet that I've had my eye on for ages.

I started out with the knickers as I have made a few pairs now and know the deal. The pattern is based on So Zo's free knicker pattern, but I've broken it down to six pieces- two side panels and a back from lace, front cut from leopard print and two gusset pieces made from stretch jersey. The leg holes are edged with stretchy lace and elastic around the top.

The bra pattern again, is based on the Babycakes Bra pattern in the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie book by Katherine Sheers and Laura Stanford. This time I wanted to incorporate a subtle hint of leopard print, so cut a triangle in the front piece and inserted a triangle of velvet. Not too sure if I did this in the right way but it seems to look ok! I'm sure there are some rules to abide by when just bunging in panels of different fabric- but I'm sure I'll pick them up as I go along!

There is a piece of elastic around the bottom and hiding that a thick band of stretchy lace. The top of the bra is edged with the same lace as the knicker legs.

It all seemed to run pretty smoothly today!
A few changes I made to the pattern-
- I made the back band of my bra wider than my previous attempt
- I made the gusset pieces a little narrower
- I cheated and used ready made straps! They are detachable, so attached them with little loops of elastic.

The only think I wish I'd done differently, was make my knicker side panels out of black jersey so they matched my bra a little more... But- I do have enough supplies left to knock together another pair. So If it's still bothering me when I wake up tomorrow, that's just what I'll do!


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  1. Verry pretty! Nice materials, great look!

    1. Thank you so much! There was a bit of winging it involved here! Glad you like! x