Monday, 4 May 2015

Love Sewing Magazine Kimono III & Boudoir Blushes Vest

So after last week's boxy kimono, I felt needed to get closure and have another go at making up my garment suited more to my style.

The fabric I chose this time was the skull patterned open weave affair that I spotted in Hillsborough last weekend. I knew as soon as I touched it that this fabric's drape would be much more suited to the pattern.

What no one told me though, was how much of an arse open weave is to sew. I can tell you now my machine hated every second of it. My machine seemed to be making a few odd clunks last week when I was inserting a zip into my college dress, so after this weekend's marathon clunking session (not as fun as it sounds...) I'm slightly concerned about what state my machine is in.
Anyway, I battled through, sewing the seams as smoothly as I could. I was about half way when I had a brainwave and tried using a piece of tissue under my fabric while I sewed so that the stitches had something to hold on to in more open areas of the fabric.
Once the seam was sewn it was easy enough to remove the tissue just by ripping it away. Much less stress!

Due to the terror of the situation, along with last week's lumpy seams, I decided not to go for French seams this weekend. Luckily for me, my fabric was not prone to fraying! So assembledge was made much simpler as I left my edges trimmed neatly, but not stitched.
The simple way of finishing (cheating?) Meant that the garment was made up in an afternoon and ready to wear that evening.

Now, regulars of you will remember last week I also had the problem of not knowing what to wear with my kimono. So my second make of the week was a simple lace vest using the basic shape of the Boudoir Blushes camisole from the Secrets of Sewing Lingerie book.

There are a few differences between the camisole and my vest top.
1- I have added an extra panel to the boob area as the lace is a bit see-throughy. To do this I literally just copied the top of the pattern, put the darts in, and then stitched it to the front piece. The two layers aren't completely opaque, so don't worry boys! It's still lacey enough to be a bit flirty.

2- I did not add a lace trim to the vest like I did the camisole as I didn't want to to look too pyjamay. Instead I edged it with binding I made from excess fabric. The lace was a bit bobbly, so it leads to quite a casual effect, but think that works quite nicely in a textural kind of way.

Which leads me on to 3- The straps attached are just extensions of the binding. I did not add hoops and sliders, instead just attached the binding straps to the back panel.

The vest in pretty simple but just what I needed to wear for summer whilst keeping those abs tucked away.

How is everyone getting on with Me Made May 2015? My double whammy this weekend has opened my options up a bit for the month! I'm keeping a log on my Instagram of my outfits throughout the month, but will be updating on here at relevant stages... I've made a couple of hairclips up incase we get desperate!


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