Sunday, 17 May 2015

Love Sewing Magazine/ Simple Sew, Lottie Blouse V- Houndstooth edition

Ok, don't be angry- I made myself another Lottie this weekend. In fact, I got up at 6am and made it in a morning. I know I promised more exciting, challenging patterns but after finding this perfect Houndstooth georgette fabric in Abakhan Manchester I knew I had to make a Lottie. And besides, they are just so perfect for work it was totally worth it.

I thought using a sheer fabric might be a bit of a nightmare, but it actually seemed to go pretty problem free. My machine hated zig-zaging the edges though, so was glad the seams were all french seams. It lead to a bit of a wobbly hem... But I tuck them in anyway! The experience has encouraged me a little more to take the plunge and get an overlocker, but all in due time I think!

I absolutely adore this fabric. Calm yourself boys- it's a bit see through! I have been looking for the perfect houndstooth for a while now and I struck lucky when I stumbled across Abakhans in Manchester. I honestly could have spent all day in there! I was wishing I'd gone with a pattern in mind- then maybe I'd have been a bit more adventurous. I found some anchor fabric which was instant love too- So expect something sailory coming this way soon!

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