Sunday, 3 April 2016

New Look K6035, Skull Vest

I've been eyeing up this fabric for weeks! But it's rather see-through quality left me unsure what to make. On a trip round town I fell in love with a cute little crop top in M&S and knew it would be perfect, maybe a bit flirty (!), under a sheer top... So I set to- deciding to make another New Look K6035.

It's a pretty simple top, and I think with that in mind I maybe didn't make the best job of putting it together. Instead of trying it on when gathering the front, I just let Celine wear it and pulled the gathering stitches to fit her. In theory this should have been fine, but on account of me having proper arms, after sewing it all up and trying on I found that I'd gathered a little too much and it pulls ever so slightly across my chest. Good job new crop top isn't padded, eh!

When I finally did try on I realised that the side seam placement made the top much too roomy- I'm not sure if this was just because in this top you can actually see my body underneath and it just looked a bit weird? Because my blue version of this same pattern fits really well? Anyway, this was particularly annoying because I'd used french seams on the sides and ended up just hacking them off with the overlocker, making for a bit of a lump-fest where the armhole binding joins. BUT I'm glad I did change the seams as it fits so so much better.

Not massively happy with this top, but I am still in love with this fabric. Any suggestions of other things I could make with more of it would be great? I thought possibly another kimono, but we never get the weather to wear the ones I've already made... Plus I'm not mad on those massive sleeves. Any ideas?


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