Sunday, 3 April 2016

Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing, Shirtwaist Dress II

It was inevitable after such success with my first shirtwaist dress from Gertie's book, I was going to make another ASAP. All I needed was some fabric to catch my eye, which I found again at Hillsborough fine fabrics. Picking such a bold print meant I wasn't going to have to worry about pattern matching which saved loads of time when cutting out.

After having already made one, the second was a breeze! The fabric is a bit softer than that of my first, so could get away without taking any out of the side seams. This time I was extra careful when making the sleeves. I took 2cm off of the yoke/shoulder area and cut the sleeves down quite a lot. I made sure each side matched (!), and gathered the sleeve caps so they puff out a tiny bit on the shoulder. As sleeves go I was very happy- especially as I'd made it up a bit as I went along! I have since committed these changes to my paper pattern- so no excuses next time!

Super happy with the back view! Shirring is super straight, though I found gathering with elastic at the yoke loads harder than last time! Think I must have done something different, bit it worked out pretty neat so who cares, eh?

Only bit I'm not super happy with is the button placement! I think my button holes are a teeny bit too far away from the edge of the opening, so it sticks out a tiny bit when it's done up. But no matter, pretend I never said anything and please don't look!


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  1. This is brilliant, and the fabric is just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! Adore the pattern! Would wear nothing but Gertie Shirtwaist dresses if I could get away with it! xox

  2. To be shared on SSB tomorrow. Thanks for permitting.