Saturday, 22 October 2016

New Look K6230, Raglan Sleeved Long Sleeve Top

So it's the same pattern, but this time I stuck a little more closely to the pattern pieces and decided not to add waist and sleeve bands.

I love the colour yellow. I made two new year's resolutions at the start of the year; to be more savvy and to wear more yellow. Having failed colossally on being more savvy, I thought it was about time to give the yellow thing a go. I was tempted by a yellow and white baseball top in H&M but then thought it would be much more fun to make one.

I was unsuccessful in finding the perfect white jersey, but successful in finding the perfect grey jersey! The yellow wasn't quite the shade I'd dreamt about either (not literally this time- too busy dreaming about my ex boyfriend's friend apparently), but wanted to give it a go. I got the pair for not much money downstairs in Abakhan so what could go wrong.

Having learnt from my raglan jumper, but being too lazy to retrace the pattern, I again made seam allowances larger where the sleeves join. Although I took some from the neckband length I think I should have taken a little more as it gapes a bit if I dont pull it down my shoulders.

I used twin stretch needle to hem the sleeves and bottom. I used white thread here as a bit of a feature! Talking of white thread, I also thought I'd give a bit of topstitching a go, just to hold down my seam allowances. I'm not 100% on this, but think it adds a bit of interest. It's quite tricky to get a perfectly straight line when your jersey is stretching around all over the place!!


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