Monday, 6 April 2015

High Waisted Panel Pants

Having completed the projects I'd planned for my easter break with one day to spare I thought I would knock together something speedy.
I've been planning for a while to modify 'So Zo..'s pants pattern and make the waistline a little higher. So that's what I did!

The pattern adjustments were pretty simple, just a case of extending the height by around 1 and a half inches. I divided the original pattern into panels as I have done in the past- one red velvet panel in the front, two lace panels either side and also a lace panel that was sewn on the outside of the gusset.

The assembling seemed to run very smoothly today. The only bit still needing practice being applying the lace around the leg holes. It's still pretty fiddly! I think this time the stitch I used was a little too wide, but the thought of unpicking and redoing didn't seem appealing.

I'm really happy with the fit, especially to say that the pattern adjustments I made were pure guesswork. I didn't pull the elastic too tightly when stitching it on, so they fit quite comfortably just above my hips. The should sit quite nicely under my new high-waisted skirt I made yesterday!

Next up I'm tempted to try and make a matching suspender belt from the fantastic Secrets of Sewing Lingerie book, as I have some red velvet left and have also noticed some suspender clips in my local haberdashery.

Happy Easter fellow sewers!


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  1. beautiful work, very delicate. Vic (from Portugal)