Sunday, 25 January 2015

Love Sewing Magazine/Simple Sew Lottie Blouse II

Lottie Blouse number 2! Failing again at my hunt to find some geometric fabric I settled for some bold floral viscose from the market in town.

I got the first half of the making done in an afternoon. What took the time was faffing about with the neck tie! Whichever way I did it I could NOT get it to line up properly and lie flat. In the end (after unpicking about 10 times!) I attached around the neckline using slip stitch first then did some funky folding over of the tie ends to try and make them lie flat! Not particularly professional, but I don't think you can tell unless you know!

I love working with viscose, despite it's fray-some qualities. I incorporated french seams again so hopefully don't have to worry about troublesome threads!

I'm working on number three as we speak then I promise it's time for another pattern!



  1. This is great again! I'm really impressed by all your makes!

    On the neck band front, I had trouble a few months ago when attaching the front band to a robe/dressing gown, and what saved me was a walking foot. It feeds both layers of the fabric through at the same speed, so should help the band lie flat. I find it a life saver with more delicate/slippery fabrics like silk and viscose.

    I've completed my kimono, by the way, and included a link to your version in my post :)

    1. Ahh thanks! Been looking at walking feet so may have to invest!
      Your kimono looks fab! That fabric is so lovely! I'm so glad you knew what I meant about adding a band- it's quite difficult to explain! Thanks for linking me in your post :)
      Looking forward to your next make! x

    2. No problem. I just dug out the post when I first used the walking foot - and it also contains a link to another blog where there was a bit of information on the walking foot, in case it helps

      Happy sewing!


  2. Featured on SSB. Thanks for permitting. ❀