Monday, 27 October 2014

So Zo's free Knicker pattern

The amazing Zoe Edwards has uploaded a fab free pants pattern to her blog for anyone wanting to have a go at making their own knickers!
This is the first pattern I have printed off from the computer, but it was very simple to stick the sheets together! I was a bit nervous about using stretch fabric as I've had a bit of bad luck with it in the past! I invested in some ball-point needles and also some stretch needles (not really knowing the difference!?) and didn't seem to have a problem this time!

The pattern is made up of three pieces, front, back and gusset. I also used some lace that I found on the market for going round the the leg holes instead of using elastic. The elastic I used on the waist was a little too bulky, but it worked fine once I had got the hand of sewing it on (I made a test pair first!).

I used flat elastic instead of Fold over elastic as I couldn't find such a thing here in Sheffield! I was looking for lingerie elastic with little bobbles on but that seemed difficult to source on my trip out. I sewed it to the front of the pants then folded it over to the back, sticking again with a wide zig-zag stitch.

I chose stretchy lace fabric for the back for some sexiness!

The pattern was really fun to follow, and Zoe's instructions are beautifully written and photographed! Can't go wrong!


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