Sunday, 21 June 2015

Liebster Award!

The lovely Miss Gabby Young at Living On a Shoestring has only gone and nominated Looks Like I Made It for a Liebster Award!

I am touched! Especially as I always have wondered if this blog is perhaps just my little ego trip that no one ever really looks at, and also because I have been a big fan of Gabby since I saw her play at Bang Bang Vintage store in Sheffield back in 2009!

A Liebster Award is something nominated by Bloggers to Bloggers, helping to bring Bloggers together and find out more about their Blog. Gabby has posed 5 questions to her Liebster nominees:

1) What do you love about blogging?
I've used blogs for about as long as I have used the internet. I have used them for both personal uses such as song lyric ideas and diary-style babblings, as well as with a more public vibe designed to tell people what I'm up to in the creative world. My current blog here started as a way to log my progress in the sewing world and document my mistakes and successes for my own future reference. It's great to think that other people might be reading- learning how not to do it and sharing ideas. I love documenting my makes and looking back on how far I have come. Long may it continue!

2) Who/what inspires you?
I would say I take most of my inspiration from music and magazines. My latest make was inspired by some country bands I went to see a few months back. I also have a vast amount of scrapbooks where I stick all kinds of things from magazines- people, cars, backgrounds, clothing, textures etc. They are not directly used for documenting sewing ideas, but I think lots of ideas do spring from there! Also, I couldn't not mention my favourite artist Malika Favre- I absolutely adore everything she does!

3) Who are your favourite bands?
I have a very varied music taste, being bought up around music and working in a record shop for 7 years before I decided to bite the bullet and get a grown up job! I have always adored country music, you cannot go wrong with Chris Isaak, and I have a massive soft spot for Ryan Adams. I'm also keen on a bit of Rockabilly- I had a small stint as a rock and roll DJ for 12 months where I got off on playing a few obscurities! Basically I like a bit of anything that's not reggae.

Messer Chups

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Bigger and better! Sewing has reawoken all the creative desires in me that I couldn't bare to embrace at uni. I just want to make make make and learn as much as possible. Would love to get to a stage where I can perhaps help out in a few classes and help others to learn. If not, I will still be dead happy to just be building my homemade wardrobe one piece at a time.

5) What’s your favourite blog post?
It's a toughie! but I think my favourite post is perhaps this one of Marble and I in our matching outfits! The image was featured as Start Make in Love Sewing magazine and also won Pet Of The Month in our Newsletter at work! I had wanted to make Marble and I a matching combo for some time, so was chuffed to be able to tick it off the list!

Thanks for reading!


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